Project 2014

Life Cycle Management-Capability Maturity Model (LCM-CMM) pilot projects 2014
As part of the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) project on integration ofresource efficiency in international supply chains funded by the European Commission, UNEP had announced call for proposals from companies interested in implementing Life Cycle Management Capability Maturity Model (LCM-CMM) in their business management and operations.

Two pilot projects were awarded in India under this programme to implement LCM-CMM in their organization. FICCI Team coordinated for both projects from India with different roles:

  1. India Glycols Ltd - Coach and consultant
  2. Polygenta Technologies - Administrator and Reviewer

To know more about pilot projects, please write to us at

Project 2015

Developing Readiness for Creation of Indian LCA Database/datasets

FICCI in collaboration with the UNEP had initiated a project on 'Development of the enabling conditions to create an Indian LCA Database'.

The objective of this project was to develop common understanding among key stakeholders on basic issues concerning the creation of Indian datasets and therefore, enhance the usability of LCA. Multiple consultations with key stakeholders were held to identify key issues and opportunities to facilitate exchange of views on how readiness for creating national LCA database/datasets may be developed.

Download Indian LCA Database Project Report 2016

To know more about project, please write to us at

Project 2016-17

UNEP LCA awards project 2017

Life Cycle Initiative in association with FICCI had launched the 2017 LCA Awards scheme in June at CILCA 2017 in Medellin Columbia with an objective of encouraging the use of LCA/M approaches and develop regional capability to use LCA tools for improved decision-making in developing countries. 62 applications were received under the scheme, out of which 44 were accepted for implementing practical projects from July 2017 to July 2018. Watch this space for more news on the results of the implemented projects.

Ecoinvent LCA Database collection project, 2016-17

FICCI in association with ecoinvent center ( and Quantis International ( collected the life cycle inventory database for Indian textile and agriculture sectors. The database will be available shortly in the ecoinvent database. To know more please contact Ms. Archana Datta at

Capacity building and networking events in India in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) , 2017-2018

Under the framework of the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) programme, the project was commissioned by ecoinvent and led by FICCI and Quantis to undertake designing and delivering capacity building and knowledge sharing events spread over 7 months across India in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

The overall objective of this project was to develop a coordinated collaboration and exchange of knowledge for design and delivery of a series of capacity building and knowledge sharing events on LCA targeted at Indian stakeholders between August 2017 and May 2018.

Project 2018

UNEP Hotspot Project (Ongoing), 2018

FICCI in association with UN Environment are working on project with an objective of Mapping the textile value chain, identifying key hotspots at global level and assessing trade barriers & opportunities. The desired final outcome is to develop a report identifying key hotspots and intervention points, as well as trade barriers and opportunities, to enable sustainable textile value chains. The findings will guide action and decision making towards enhanced circularity and sustainability in textile value chains.

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