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Consciousness across the world is growing that we need models that allow economic growth along with sustainability of our natural and social capital. To fully embed sustainability and make true change happen, a systemic approach to building solutions is key. Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) is a systemic framework that takes a holistic view of the production and consumption of a product or service and assesses its impacts on the environment through the entire life cycle. It forms the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals- SDGs (especially Goal 11 and 12) which implicitly require Life Cycle Thinking to prioritize action by identifying the key drivers of environmental and social problems, and to ensure that no unintended trade-offs occur.

Life Cycle Approaches

The life cycle approach holds great potential for environmental and broader sustainability work. Through its systemic cradle-to-grave approach, it reduces risks of sub-optimization and problem-shifting from one part of the life cycle to another or from one type of impact to another. It brings new insights about how action in one stage of the product life cycle may lead to upstream or downstream effects far away from the point of action, perhaps in vastly distant geographical locations as well. In this respect it is an empowering concept that brings new opportunities for influence, beyond organizational or national borders.

india lca alliance

India LCA Alliance (ILCAA) is a freely accessible, comprehensive, information and knowledge sharing platform to create awareness and increase understanding on Life Cycle Thinking in India. At ILCAA, we seek to build capacity among industries, government, civil society and NGOs in India on Life Cycle concepts and tools.

What people Say about ILCAA

  • "FICCI through its ILCAA is playing a crucial role in bringing together LCA professional and Indian industry to exchange information and fact-based data"
    –- Dr. R K Sharma | General Manager-HSE | India Glycols Limited
  • "UNEP and the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative warmly appreciate the partnership with the India LCA Alliance, and the reliable work the Alliance does particularly in bringing together the different actors and networks of the LCA Community in India, as well as the development of LCA capacity in India and the region"
    -- Dr. Llorenç Milà I Canals | Programme Officer | United Nations Environment Programme
  • "Support through capacity building and networking for enhancing regional LCA collaborations through ILCAA highly appreciated"
    Chalaka Fernando | Secretary | LCAdesNet - Sri Lanka
  • What makes this network special is its sense of commitment and solidarity and its strong leadership in a country.The planted LCA seed is starting to flourish in India partly because of ILCAA's persistent efforts"
    Sonia Valdivia, Program manager – World Resources Forum
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